About us


Our values

We guarantee all our customers 100 % professional , safe and of the highest quality service.

Professionalism 100%
Security 100%
Quality 100%

Coaches River , founded in 1984 in Barcelona, ​​dedicated to occasional carriage of passengers by road nationally and internationally.
The main objective of Coaches River is to ensure customer shuttles professional, safe and high quality.


to have a highly qualified team from the management team and reserves , available 24 x 365 , which will help you in planning your journey to the professional staff experienced drivers , attentive and.


by having modern vehicles last generation and provide security when traveling , so all vehicles pass rigorous technical reviews in which optimal performance is guaranteed.


by offering vehicles with all the necessary amenities for travelers to enjoy a transport and quality service with maximum comfort for travel.


The main concern of Coaches River is sensitization with
environment, our policy is based on:

  • compliance with current environmental legislation
  • implementation of clean technologies that reduce emissions
  • Economical and efficient driving
  • Vehicles EURO IV – V